[asterisk-users] Asterisk as "Proxy" and more device for a number

Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Wed May 27 14:52:54 CDT 2015

> I'm very new in Asterisk and VoIP, and of course I have a problem... :)
> Well, my problem is, that Deutsche Telekom wants me to change my ISDN 
> to VoIP... :(
> I must do that, since I have no alternative.
> Well, I have now two VoIP-phones (Thomson ST2022 and KE1020A). I can 
> configure my two numbers by Deutsche Telekom and I got now an extra 
> number from Messagenet.it.
> Now the problems:
> 1) It seems that I can't configure my ST2022 to have two profiles and 
> both are running on different servers
> 2) I want that when a number will be called, both phones rings
> I think, I need an Asterisk-Server between my phones and the 
> VoIP-Provider, isn't it?
> Well, now the questions: am I right? Should I install an Asterisk on 
> my PC to do that?
> And of course: how can I do that? How can I set up Asterisk to serve 
> as "proxy" for these three numbers and send the calls to a number to 
> both phones?
> Unfortunately, I didn't found any HowTo for my problems...

If you want to go the Asterisk from scratch route, you would do well to 
pick up a book on the subject. Since you seem comfortable with English, 
"Asterisk: The Definitive Guide" is a good place to start. This will teach 
you how to build an Asterisk system from the ground up. Depending on what 
you want to do, this may also be overkill.

There are Asterisk distributions that already come with a GUI front end 
that could make this all a lot easier to set up. AsteriskNow (includes 
Asterisk and FreePBX Gui) is a good choice as would be Elastix (Asterisk + 
FreePBX GUI + the Elastix GUI). These are often much easier to set up for 
the Asterisk newbie. Either of those should be able to easily handle what 
you want to do.

Even if you do go the route of a pre-made distribution with a GUI, the 
Asterisk book is still useful to have. It really gives great insight into 
the software and will help if you ever have to troubleshoot from the 
command line.
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