[asterisk-users] Asterisk as "Proxy" and more device for a number

webaccounts webaccounts173 at jgoettgens.de
Wed May 27 09:58:12 CDT 2015

> Well, my problem is, that Deutsche Telekom wants me to change my ISDN to VoIP... :(
> I must do that, since I have no alternative.
No, German law says that there is a right to have a phone line, but that is not valid for an 
internet connection. Keep your BRI connections as long as possible.
> Well, I have now two VoIP-phones (Thomson ST2022 and KE1020A). I can configure my two numbers 
> by Deutsche Telekom and I got now an extra number from Messagenet.it.
> Now the problems:
> 1) It seems that I can't configure my ST2022 to have two profiles and both are running on 
> different servers
> 2) I want that when a number will be called, both phones rings
> I think, I need an Asterisk-Server between my phones and the VoIP-Provider, isn't it?
A B2BUA (back-to-back user agent) like Asterisk can be very helpful, regardless of whether you 
add ISDN or not.
> Well, now the questions: am I right? Should I install an Asterisk on my PC to do that?
Better install it on a dedicated server. At home, a Raspberry box might suffice. You might as 
well integrate it into your router, or parts of it (e.g. when using pfSense).
> And of course: how can I do that? How can I set up Asterisk to serve as "proxy" for these 
> three numbers and send the calls to a number to both phones?
By learning. It's fun. Start with something simple, e.g. with http://asteriskdocs.org/ . You 
main problem will be your NAT-Router, but you'll find out soon....


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