[asterisk-users] PJSIP and Kamailio without registration

Chirag Desai djchillerz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 17:11:43 CDT 2015

From: Matthew Jordan <mjordan at digium.com>
> >> If the INVITE request is not shown in the CLI with 'pjsip set logger
> >> on', then Asterisk is not actually receiving the request.
> >>
> >> Does a pcap show the message being sent to the correct IP/port? If you
> >> change the transports to bind to port 5060, does that change anything?
>The sip message I included in my last message is what I see when I ngrep
on 5061, but >asterisk doesn't see it. When I tell Kamailio to send the
message to 5060 chan_sip shows >the invite in the CLI.
> My setup has chan_sip running on 5060 and pjsip (tcp and udp on 5061).
> I'll get PJSIP running on 5060 and see if that makes any difference.

UPDATE: I got PJSIP on 5060 and everything is working fine as expected and
I can see the calls from Kamalio. Is this a bug with asterisk not
recognising the traffic on 5061 even though the SIP messages are being
received by the server on that port and I can see it?
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