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Glenn Geller (VDOPh) ggeller at vdo-ph.com
Fri Mar 6 14:42:32 CST 2015

If you are really wanting to build something on Raspberry Pi or similar ARM
platform, you could also take a look at Elastix for ARM.

http://www.elastix.com/en/downloads/ Elastix is a fully integrated
platform, and includes the majority of necessary components in one

The new Raspberry Pi 2 platform may be perfect for your needs in this
respect, although based on your load, the B+ board may be more available at
this time, and slightly cheaper.

The Pi 2 is about double the core processing speed.



*Glenn Geller*


On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 12:34 PM, John Novack SCII <
jnovack at stromberg-carlson.org> wrote:

> Find a HPT5720 with expansion chassis on eBay for under $50, load AstLinux
> ( instructions at AstLinux.org ) Move your Digium card and your confs , fix
> up any differences from your older version of Asterisk to the fairly
> current version 11 currently available with AstLinux.
> Use the GUI to edit and mage the system, as AstLinux has a somewhat
> different directory structure than you may be familiar with
> You should be up and running in a couple of hours, have a low power < 20
> watts, fanless flash based system that will just work in a real case.
> The Pi is OK for a playtoy and some testing, but I much prefer the HP thin
> clients for a robust installation.
> I assume you are not doing any fancy call center or heavy database work.
> For a home or home office it is a really good solution.
> AstLinux is also used with other embedded installations on computers with
> multiple Ethernet ports, acting as router and firewall in addition.
> I prefer the component solution personally, which makes the HP thin
> clients the way to go.
> John Novack
> I have built more than 30 of these systems on various HP Thin Clients,
> used off of eBay with no failures
> Ira wrote:
>>    Hello Asterisk,
>>      Back in 2009 I built a small Intel Atom based computer running
>>    Centos 5 for my asterisk system. 5 phones, 2 people 1 POTs
>>    line and six or so SIP numbers. So basically no load. I'm
>>    feeling like it's time to build another machine. It's probably
>>    silly, but it's been six years and I can't upgrade the OS
>>    which is falling behind. I'd likely just put it on a Raspberry
>>    Pi or something like that, but I need the one POTS line and
>>    all I have for that at the moment is a Digium card for a PCI
>>    slot.
>>    Are there any current thoughts on this?
>>   -- Ira
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