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Bryant Zimmerman BryantZ at zktech.com
Fri Mar 6 17:07:22 CST 2015

 For the kind of loads and low cost you are talking with 2 FXO, 2FXS and 
SIP the Grandstream UMC6102 is low power feature rich and easy to maintain. 
Check it out - 
 If you do choose to use the UMC61xx the grandstream phones auto-provision 
with it well, but it works with any complaint SIP phone.  
 If you do want to go with an asterisk home brew. You could use a 
Grandstream GXW4104 (4 FXO) for your POTS line. It is a FXO gateway that 
would register as a SIP endpoint. (You could look at the HT503 which has 
one FXO port, but I find them to be less reliable then the GXW4104). The 
nice thing about using gateways is there are no drivers to load on your 
asterisk build as the gateway is just a SIP endpoint.
 I have built asterisk test systems on raspberry pi Rev B and have not been 
happy with their performance even in light loads. The new version 2 B looks 
like it might be better, In ether case the Gateways would be a good way to 
go to connect your lines. Watch your SD card speeds slow cards really gave 
me a lot of issues. Especially when you had someone leaving a voicemail and 
someone else was trying to listing to an IVR prompt, multiple users reading 
and writing at the same time just really have not worked well. We hooked up 
a SSD via USB and put our prompts and voicemail on it and it was a bit 
better still limited to USB2 speeds, but that increased the cost.
 The UMC6102 is the best value as buy the time you purchase a gateway, 
system and spend time loading it is hard to beat the price point and you 
can get support on it from Grandstream or a reseller.
 (To be open I am a Grandstream reseller, I am offering these recommending 
as they are good options. There are several other low cost asterisk like 
PBX's out there as well, Allo and several others, but I know the GS options 
 Good Luck and I hope this info helps.

Bryant Zimmerman (Grand Dial Communications, a ZK Tech Inc.)
 P.S. Glen's post also offers some good points as well.

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