[asterisk-users] New Asterisk build

John Novack SCII jnovack at stromberg-carlson.org
Fri Mar 6 14:34:42 CST 2015

Find a HPT5720 with expansion chassis on eBay for under $50, load AstLinux ( instructions at AstLinux.org ) Move your Digium card and your confs , fix up any differences from your 
older version of Asterisk to the fairly current version 11 currently available with AstLinux.
Use the GUI to edit and mage the system, as AstLinux has a somewhat different directory structure than you may be familiar with
You should be up and running in a couple of hours, have a low power < 20 watts, fanless flash based system that will just work in a real case.
The Pi is OK for a playtoy and some testing, but I much prefer the HP thin clients for a robust installation.
I assume you are not doing any fancy call center or heavy database work. For a home or home office it is a really good solution.
AstLinux is also used with other embedded installations on computers with multiple Ethernet ports, acting as router and firewall in addition.
I prefer the component solution personally, which makes the HP thin clients the way to go.

John Novack

I have built more than 30 of these systems on various HP Thin Clients, used off of eBay with no failures

Ira wrote:
>    Hello Asterisk,
>    Back in 2009 I built a small Intel Atom based computer running
>    Centos 5 for my asterisk system. 5 phones, 2 people 1 POTs
>    line and six or so SIP numbers. So basically no load. I'm
>    feeling like it's time to build another machine. It's probably
>    silly, but it's been six years and I can't upgrade the OS
>    which is falling behind. I'd likely just put it on a Raspberry
>    Pi or something like that, but I need the one POTS line and
>    all I have for that at the moment is a Digium card for a PCI
>    slot.
>    Are there any current thoughts on this?
> -- Ira

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