[asterisk-users] Music on hold

Mitul Limbani mitul at enterux.in
Thu Mar 5 22:14:06 CST 2015

Just split the file into multiple files n have it all uploaded to the same
music on hold class.

Now every time a caller is put on hold they will hear the files randomly.
On 06-Mar-2015 8:32 AM, "Kris Stark" <Kris.Stark at godataflow.com> wrote:

> OK - so somebody just handed me the new music on hold file to use for the
> organization...
> Unfortunately, I was never asked about this to enough detail to be able to
> tell them how to set up the music, and as a result I have an eight minute
> file with several different messages all tied together into that one file.
> In general, we don't ever see a user being placed on hold for more than a
> minute, so using this file directly is of no use in general if I were to
> place it directly in to the server, as all users will only hear the first
> little bit of it.
> I suspect that when this was created, the producer assumed that the file
> would play in a loop, starting and stopping as callers were on hold.  I
> realize that the streaming category will do just that, but since this is a
> local file, the setup works differently.  (This is replacing a set of about
> 10 previous files that worked perfectly.)
> Is there any way, other than splitting up the file and trying to make
> decent segues between the files, to get this to work on a current version?
> I realize that getting it redone would be the best way, but I don't know if
> that is going to be an easy possibility.
> Any recommendations?
> Thanks!
> Kris
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