[asterisk-users] Music on hold

Kris Stark Kris.Stark at goDataflow.com
Thu Mar 5 21:01:25 CST 2015

OK - so somebody just handed me the new music on hold file to use for 
the organization...

Unfortunately, I was never asked about this to enough detail to be able 
to tell them how to set up the music, and as a result I have an eight 
minute file with several different messages all tied together into that 
one file.

In general, we don't ever see a user being placed on hold for more than 
a minute, so using this file directly is of no use in general if I were 
to place it directly in to the server, as all users will only hear the 
first little bit of it.

I suspect that when this was created, the producer assumed that the file 
would play in a loop, starting and stopping as callers were on hold.  I 
realize that the streaming category will do just that, but since this is 
a local file, the setup works differently.  (This is replacing a set of 
about 10 previous files that worked perfectly.)

Is there any way, other than splitting up the file and trying to make 
decent segues between the files, to get this to work on a current 
version?  I realize that getting it redone would be the best way, but I 
don't know if that is going to be an easy possibility.

Any recommendations?



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