[asterisk-users] LAN sip-to-sip

thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 18:17:29 CST 2015

On Mon, 16 Feb 2015 16:12:04 -0500, John Novack wrote:

> It looks as if that is more of a question/issue with your router, rather
> than Asterisk.
> I have SIP devices working on my LAN, all hardwired, and have no need to
> open any ports or have the router address SIP in any way My switch is
> not managed, and the router ports on the LAN side are all unmanaged,
> just a huge Ethernet "wirenut"
> You SHOULD be able to communicate between devices on the LAN without any
> firewall issue.
> I have also found with some routers that the DMZ isn't what one expects,
> and can get in the way, depending on the firware.
> Does this router have any SIP ALG setting? turn it off!
> As an aside, I would caution you to not have SIP 5060 exposed to the
> public Internet, or you will soon regret it.
> I am sure others will have much better information though
> John Novack

Seems spot on.  

I would just add that on my LAN, it doesn't directly connect to the 
internet, so even an exposed 5060 port is only exposed another router.  
That router has firewall, etc.

the netgear router connects with ethernet cable to an iogear wifi adaper.  
the netgear router uses DHCP and gets an IP address of 192.x.x.x from the 
iogear device.

The iogear device gets its IP address wirelessly from the another 
router.  That upstream router is from the ISP (has their branding), and 
has a firewall.

So, I'm not concerned about opening ports on the netgear router  :)


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