[asterisk-users] LAN sip-to-sip

thufir hawat.thufir at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 21:53:25 CST 2015

On Mon, 16 Feb 2015 16:12:04 -0500, John Novack wrote:

> My switch is not managed, and the router ports on the LAN side are all
> unmanaged, just a huge Ethernet "wirenut"
> You SHOULD be able to communicate between devices on the LAN without any
> firewall issue.

I think I might be doing this in a very stupid way.  I'm reading Asterisk 
the definitive guide, but it's very general.

Can you describe your, or a typical setup, in a bit more detail?

"The setup I will use in these notes is this: Asterisk is installed on 
the gateway/router to the Internet and Ekiga is installed on an 'inside' 


What I have is everything connected into the gateway:      router      tleilax asterisk server; static ip
192.168.1.x      doge, client pc; usually .3

Tleilax needs at least two NIC's?  One to connect to the gateway, and 
then perhaps doge directly connects to tleilax, or, there's a switch 
between doge and tleilax so that other clients can also connect to 

I can't find much in the Asterisk book on this.  On all sorts of complex 
network setups, yes, but not something basic like this.



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