[asterisk-users] Question regarding custom announcements used by several Asterisk servers

Olli Heiskanen ohjelmistoarkkitehti at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 01:54:05 CST 2015


Got a question regarding custom announcements in Asterisk.

My goal is to allow my users record their own queue announcements and
choose which announcements they want to use in each queue. I have several
Asterisk servers and a Kamailio server which dispatches call traffic
between the Asterisks. Question is, is it possible to have something like a
NSF disk shared between several asterisk servers and store custom
announcements there, where all Asterisks would use them? I expect to have
to place the files under whatever I configure in asterisk.conf.
Additionally, can I place the announcements in subfolders under that
directory and in my realtime queue table use values something like

Keep up the good work!

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