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Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Fri Sep 12 10:21:41 CDT 2014

asterisk-users-bounces at lists.digium.com wrote on 09/12/2014 09:07:36 AM:

> I have been researching software for documenting pbx call flow paths
> and I was just wondering if anyone out there is using anything they 
> have found particularly useful or cool.
> I am looking for something preferably visual that the average end 
> user can follow. So far the best thing I have come up with is making
> a diagram with a decision tree in visio but its very time consuming 
> to build this by hand for every customer. We would like to be able 
> to provide every customer a diagram so they can easily understand 
> the path that a call takes, what conditions are checked and what 
> actions are taken based on those conditions.
> A large portion of my asterisk installs are for non profit or 
> charitable organizations so while I'm not completely fixed on a free
> solution, if it isn't free the cost needs to be relatively low or at
> least be a multi-tenant solution that  could at least be used for 
> multiple customers.
> For most of our installs we manage everything via CLI, but for a few
> orgs with tech savvy people we have been able to setup freepbx for 
> them and let them make simple changes. I was thinking with freepbx 
> maybe there could even be a module that takes the freepbx 
> configuration and generates visuals based on reading the 
> configuration, this would be really slick although not a complete 
> answer as we have many installs that do not have freepx.
> Anyway, just wanted to get some input from others and put my ideas 
> so far out there, if you have any recommendations or experiences to 
> share feel free to reply on or off-list.

I see where you are going with this, but haven't seen anything that can 
analyze a dial plan and generate a flow document. The closest I know of is 
something like Apstel's Visual Dialplan (http://www.apstel.com) which is 
meant to go in reverse (visually create the dialplan and it creates the 
Asterisk code). I have never used it so can't comment on if it can print 
out the information in the form you are wanting.

I can see that what you want would be difficult to create, but would be 
very handy. I am interested to see if anyone else knows of such software.
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