[asterisk-users] Call Flow Documentation Tools

chris tknchris at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 09:07:36 CDT 2014


I have been researching software for documenting pbx call flow paths and I
was just wondering if anyone out there is using anything they have found
particularly useful or cool.

I am looking for something preferably visual that the average end user can
follow. So far the best thing I have come up with is making a diagram with
a decision tree in visio but its very time consuming to build this by hand
for every customer. We would like to be able to provide every customer a
diagram so they can easily understand the path that a call takes, what
conditions are checked and what actions are taken based on those conditions.

A large portion of my asterisk installs are for non profit or charitable
organizations so while I'm not completely fixed on a free solution, if it
isn't free the cost needs to be relatively low or at least be a
multi-tenant solution that  could at least be used for multiple customers.

For most of our installs we manage everything via CLI, but for a few orgs
with tech savvy people we have been able to setup freepbx for them and let
them make simple changes. I was thinking with freepbx maybe there could
even be a module that takes the freepbx configuration and generates visuals
based on reading the configuration, this would be really slick although not
a complete answer as we have many installs that do not have freepx.

Anyway, just wanted to get some input from others and put my ideas so far
out there, if you have any recommendations or experiences to share feel
free to reply on or off-list.

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