[asterisk-users] BLF and notifyringing in Asterisk 11

Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Fri May 23 16:51:40 CDT 2014

I am trying to get something working that is just not doing quite what I 
want. It may not be possible, but I figured it was worth asking about. 

The details:
Asterisk 11.6.0
Polycom SoundPoint IP650 phones running 4.03 firmware.

We have a queue with 4 phones in it. ringinuse is set to yes and the 
stategy is ringall. In sip.conf, we have notifyringing set to yes as well. 
Asterisk is sending messages of the type application/dialog-info+xml to 
the phones.

This works nicely in almost every scenario. We have one person on the 
queue who answers the phones first, the rest of us only pick up if he is 
already on another call and not picking up. We have ringinuse set to yes 
because there are many times that he will be able to end his current call 
to pick up the new one, so we want to keep this setting. However, if a 
call comes into the queue and he is on another line, we would like his blf 
light to stay at the inuse value (red on the polycom) and not the ringing 
value (flashing green on the polycoms).

Now the problem. If I set notifyringing=no on the sip definition for his 
extension, it doesn't seem to get applied. If I set notifyringing=no in 
the general section, then it does get applied. However, if I put it in the 
general section, then none of the phones in my queue ever show a ringing 
state. When they are ringing, they show the solid red light of the in use 

What I would like is to see the following happen:
If no one is on a call, all phones show ringing on their respective BLFs.
If one phone is on a call and a second comes in, the phone on the call 
stays in use (solid red) and the rest show ringing (flashing green). So 
far, no matter what combinations of notifyringing I use, I can only get 
either all the phones to show ringing or all of them to show in use.

The state being sent to the polycom is 'early' for a ringing phone and 
'confirmed' for an in use phone. In the case of a phone that is both in 
use and ringing, I get a state of 'confirmed' followed immediately by a 
state of 'early'. This is all with notifyringing set to yes. If I read the 
description of notify ringing correctly in the sample sip.conf file, it 
seems like setting it to no should work, but it does not. 

;notifyringing = no             ; Control whether subscriptions already 
INUSE get sent
                                ; RINGING when another call is sent 
(default: yes)

Not sure if this rises to the level of a bug or is just my 
misunderstanding of how this should work. With the description above, I 
would expect that setting notifyringing to no would mean that I get the 
early state if the phone isn't already on a call, but would remain at a 
confirmed state if a second call came in while already on a call.

Kevin Larsen - Systems Analyst - Pioneer Balloon - Ph: 316-688-8208
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