[asterisk-users] Way off topic: gvoice and callcentric

Vladimir Mikhelson vlad at mikhelson.com
Mon May 26 15:47:26 CDT 2014


You still need to send DTMF 1 to the GV trunk even though it was
forwarded via CallCentric:

exten => s,n,Answer
exten => s,n,wait(2)
exten => s,n,sendDTMF(1)

Hope that helps.


On 5/23/2014 1:07 PM, Sean Darcy wrote:
> To deal with google dropping xmpp for voice, I've gotten a callcentric
> number. The cc number connects to asterisk, and all works fine. Then I
> set up the cc number as the gvoice forwarding number. If I'm on the
> gvoice site, I can make a call and it will ring my cc number and then
> the outside number. That also works fine.
> BUT, when an outside call comes into gvoice it forwards the call to
> the cc number. I can see the call come into asterisk. But when I
> answer the cc call, the outside call (to the gv number) continues to
> ring!
> I've stuck an Answer() in the dial plan:
> Answer("SIP/callcentric19-0000000c", "") in new stack
>     -- Executing [1777xxxyyyy at from-callcentric:4]
> Goto("SIP/callcentric19-0000000c", "incoming,s,9") in new stack
>     -- Goto (incoming,s,9)
>     -- Executing [s at incoming:9] Dial("SIP/callcentric19-0000000c",
> "DAHDI/g0&SIP/250&SIP/251&SIP/gn,60,tT") in new stack
> ...................
>     -- DAHDI/1-1 is ringing
>     -- DAHDI/1-1 answered SIP/callcentric19-0000000c
>     -- Hanging up on 'DAHDI/1-1'
>     -- Hungup 'DAHDI/1-1'
> I realize this is not really an asterisk issue (unless there's some
> magic I can put in the dialplan to convince gv the call is answered?)
> . Does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this? Or where there's a
> forum/mailing list that would be helpful?
> sean

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