[asterisk-users] SMS Capabilities

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Sun May 18 21:33:41 CDT 2014

On Friday 16 May 2014, Jayson Devor wrote:
> Just amazing! A thing of beauty yeah? We will be going with the following
> card:
> http://www.voipon.co.uk/openvox-g400p4-p-1150.html
> Hope setup and configuration will go easy?
> Jayson

I've installed a few of these cards, on Debian or Ubuntu using Asterisk and 
Dahdi compiled from Source Code, and it's always gone smoothly.

Note that the Chan_extra driver for the OpenVox card applies patches to your 
Asterisk and Dahdi sources, which it expects to be somewhere under /usr/src/; 
and you may need to read the OpenVox forum at
if you have a really new version with a change that OpenVox haven't 
anticipated; but when you do get it installed, it Just Works™.  There's a beta 
version of chan_extra linked from the forum which I haven't been able to try 


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