[asterisk-users] Login by AMI ok, by AJAM fails

Michelle Dupuis mdupuis at ocg.ca
Fri May 16 13:43:30 CDT 2014

I have setup an Ast 11.6 host and I want to login via AJAM.  I setup manager.conf, http.conf described in the docs.  When I login via the AMI it works fine (see below), but when I login via AJAM the same credentials fail (see further down)

Can someone tell me how to fix this?


Connection closed by foreign host.
root at pbx:/tmp# telnet localhost 5038
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
Asterisk Call Manager/1.3
action: login
username: test
secret: test

Response: Success
Message: Authentication accepted

Event: FullyBooted
Privilege: system,all
Status: Fully Booted

root at apbx:/tmp# curl  http://localhost:5039/asterisk/rawman?action=login&user=test&secret=test
[1] 15548
[2] 15549
root at pbx:/tmp# Response: Error
Message: Authentication failed
[1]-  Done                    curl http://localhost:5039/asterisk/rawman?action=login
[2]+  Done                    user=test

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