[asterisk-users] SMS Capabilities

Adrian Serafini adrian-lists at wombit.com
Sun May 18 10:33:34 CDT 2014

> Just amazing! A thing of beauty yeah? We will be going with the
> following card:
> http://www.voipon.co.uk/openvox-g400p4-p-1150.html
> Hope setup and configuration will go easy?
> Jayson

You send/receive sms directly to a VoIP provider.  The provider has to 
support it.  I sent and received to/from polycom and cell phone.

I didn't test: mms, a Q'ing mechanism if the cell/VoIP phone were 
unavailable.  I used the native sms app, it never failed on about 20 tests.

Adrian Serafini

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