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> On Friday 16 May 2014, Jayson Devor wrote:
> > Hello Everyone,
> >
> > We have an order for SMS messaging. Can you gents and ladies be kind
> enough
> > to
> > disclose if SMS is possible using Asterisk? What is a quick way to test a
> > `Hello World`
> > to my cell. Finally, do all service providers support SMS messaging?
> >
> > Kind Regards,
> >
> > Jayson.
> Certainly with an Asterisk-compatible GSM card such as the OpenVox G400P /
> G400E, and some SIM cards, it is possible to send and receive SMS messages.
> Which one you need to buy is dependent on your motherboard's expansion
> slots:
> G400P is PCI  (32 bit)  and G400E is PCI-express.  SMS is baked into the
> standard, so every mobile telephone company in the world have to support
> it.
> You can send a message from the Asterisk CLI with a command such as
> cli> gsm send sms <span> <dest> "<message text>" <id>
> and therefore, from any programming language that has `backticks` or some
> other way to execute a shell command.
> Beware!  You may discover very quickly that "unlimited"  (as in when your
> telco promises "unlimited SMS messages")  does not really mean what you
> think
> it means  :/
> Double beware!  Some telcos charge for the delivery report  (which is
> required
> by the driver software to know if or not the message was sent
> successfully);
> and some telcos require you to obtain written permission in advance to use
> their SIM in anything other than an ordinary mobile handset, on pain of
> disconnection.
> You can of course also use this piece of kit to receive SMS messages  (they
> are logged under /var/log/asterisk/sms/ ; and also, an extension is
> triggered
> in your dialplan when a message comes in, with some channel variables
> populated with the originating number, message content and some other
> goodies)
> and dial and answer voice calls.
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Just amazing! A thing of beauty yeah? We will be going with the following


Hope setup and configuration will go easy?

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