[asterisk-users] Ringing issue

D'Arcy J.M. Cain darcy at Vex.Net
Tue May 13 06:01:25 CDT 2014

I have an issue with ringing.  Some users who call my switch hear
ringing and others don't.  I have researched this and understand the
issue of firewalling and RTP.  My switch has UDP ports 10000 to 20000
open.  In any case I think that blocked RTP would block all ringing,
not just some.

I have one origination provider.  As far as I can tell the issue is
related to the remote user's provider.  My sister does not hear ringing
when she calls from her Roger's cell phone but she does from her Vonage
phone.  I hear ringing when calling in from my Koodo cell phone.  Some
land lines work and others do not.

The server is not behind a NAT and neither is the origination
provider.  There is a firewall but port 5060 is open (UDP and, just in
case, TCP) as well as the RTP ports mentioned above.

I am not sure where to look next.  I assume that there is some sort of
signaling that I am not doing but I can't figure out where.  Can anyone
suggest what area I should be looking?


D'Arcy J.M. Cain
System Administrator, Vex.Net
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