[asterisk-users] Realtime peers and sendrpid

Ishfaq Malik ish at pack-net.co.uk
Tue May 13 04:48:48 CDT 2014

Hello all

If I look at the sip peers table definition as provided with the source
of asterisk- (looking at
contrib/realtime/mysql/sippeers.sql) for the sendrpid column it's an enum
with 2 possible values, yes and no.

However, the sip.conf allows 4 values, no, yes, rpid and pai.

Is this discrepancy an oversight? Is it possible to set the system default
to pai but an individual peer to rpid via a realtime table?

I have tried setting the system value to pai and a single peer value to yes
but it still sent pai rather than rpid.

Thanks in Advance


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