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Fri May 9 08:11:21 CDT 2014

On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 4:42 PM, Kevin Larsen <
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> > From: Josh Metzger <joshdmetzger at gmail.com>
> If I recall correctly, the only reason we didn't like the built in paging
> feature is that it would put a paging soft button on every phone where we
> enabled it. It was unacceptable to the powers that be to have that button
> there, but we still needed to be able to page from all the phones in an
> emergency. Thus we went with the Asterisk paging solution using a
> dialgroup. In our setup we are paging around 100 phones and everything is
> able to stand up to the load. A much larger setup, though, and it likely
> would not work as well. It does take our Asterisk server to between 40 and
> 60 per cent cpu usage while the paging is occurring, where it normally runs
> less than 5%. Audio quality remains normal. As it is emergency only, that
> was deemed acceptable.

It's annoying that Polycom seems to not include obvious features like
allowing someone to hide the softkey for paging so only certain phones have
the ability to do it.  I guess the same goes for accepting true multicast
RTP.  In any case, I'm at a new job and I'm thinking the Asterisk server
may be a bit under-powered for paging a bit north of 100 users.  This is
more for day-to-day paging and not just emergencies, so it gets a bit more
use, but right now I'm looking into this as something to do more than a
pressing need, so maybe tweaks can be made elsewhere or hardware can/should
be updated since we'll probably be sticking with the Asterisk-based
solution unless I get really crazy and capture the packets the Polycoms are
sending out for their paging feature and see if I can't implement that
within Asterisk to have Polycom-compliant multicast.
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