[asterisk-users] cisco spa phones and sal

kelly at ncwcom.com kelly at ncwcom.com
Sun Mar 2 11:03:53 CST 2014

   I have been trying for several days get 3 Cisco spa508g phones
(firmware 7.5.5) to work with asterisk 11.6 cert1 and sla. I can get
the phones to all ring when an incoming call arrives, and I see the
slatrunk working. However the blf function does not work. If one
extension picks up the call the others do not show the trunk in use. 
And as you might expect the hold and outbound dialing does not work. I
do not think the problem is with the sla config on asterisk, but
rather the setup in the phone. Does anyone have an example config for
the spa phones.



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