[asterisk-users] Asterisk 12 - 100rel (Prack) no 100rel Require in responses

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Sat Mar 1 14:33:22 CST 2014


> I have attached two pcap traces, the file Asterisk 12 to Asterisk 12 is
> what happens when two Asterisk 12 servers configured as a SIP trunk call
> each other. At both ends in the pjsip.conf the 100rel field is set to
> required, you can see from the trace that the Calling server sets the
> 100rel Require header but the Called Server does not set this in the 180
> ringing response and therefore no PRACK is sent.
> The second trace Asterisk 12 to PJSUA is one of the Asterisk 12 servers
> with the same configuration talking to a server running PJSUA (command
> line PJSIP). On this trace you can see that PJSUA sets the 100rel
> Require in the 180 ringing response and therefore the Asterisk 12 server
> sends a PRACK message, This call does not complete as I have to manually
> enter commands on PJSUA and once I send a 180 I cannot then send a 200 OK.

Thanks for the traces and further clarification/description! I was able 
to reproduce and isolate the problem. I've fixed it in the 12 branch and 


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