[asterisk-users] chan_motif / res_xmpp problems

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Mon Jul 21 07:33:56 CDT 2014

Daniel Pocock wrote:
> I've now replicated my setup on a host with a single IPv4 address and I
> am still having trouble with the ICE negotiation.
> I am trying to call from Jitsi to Asterisk through a Prosody XMPP
> server.  Asterisk successfully registers with the XMPP server and
> appears to be available in the buddy list in Jitsi.  Jitsi is being run
> with the "-4" command line option to use IPv4 only just in case Asterisk
> doesn't like to see IPv6 ICE candidates.
> I try clicking to make an audio-only call from Jitsi.  In the Asterisk
> logging (xmpp set debug on) I see the incoming "session-initiate" XML
> stanza but Asterisk does not send any XML back.
> I definitely have "icesupport=yes" in rtp.conf and I've tried it with
> and without specifying a TURN server from each end.
> Is this working for anybody?

What does your motif.conf configuration file contain? If it is not 
configured then it will not be associated with the account and the 
Jingle support will not be present.

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