[asterisk-users] chan_motif / res_xmpp problems

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Mon Jul 21 04:40:41 CDT 2014

I've now replicated my setup on a host with a single IPv4 address and I
am still having trouble with the ICE negotiation.

I am trying to call from Jitsi to Asterisk through a Prosody XMPP
server.  Asterisk successfully registers with the XMPP server and
appears to be available in the buddy list in Jitsi.  Jitsi is being run
with the "-4" command line option to use IPv4 only just in case Asterisk
doesn't like to see IPv6 ICE candidates.

I try clicking to make an audio-only call from Jitsi.  In the Asterisk
logging (xmpp set debug on) I see the incoming "session-initiate" XML
stanza but Asterisk does not send any XML back.

I definitely have "icesupport=yes" in rtp.conf and I've tried it with
and without specifying a TURN server from each end.

Is this working for anybody?

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