[asterisk-users] Simultaneous Ring

Haley,Scott A scott.haley at edwardjones.com
Fri Jul 18 09:55:46 CDT 2014

That worked. I had to use the *two* underscores in the agi script where I was setting the values. Thanks.

Scott Haley

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On Friday 18 Jul 2014, Haley,Scott A wrote:
> I have this working but I have one problem. I need to grab values from
> variables that I have set in the calling context to dial. How would I
> do that.

I think you need to prefix your variable names with *two* underscores, to make them indefinitely heritable down the succession of channels.  If they are prefixed with a single underscore, then they only get inherited *once*; so if the child channel spawns a grandchild, then any _VARS it inherited from the parent channel won't exist in the grandchild, but any __VARS will.


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