[asterisk-users] G729 Licensing Revisited - I'm Sorry!

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Fri Feb 28 15:25:09 CST 2014

Why would you use anything other than Digium's fully licensed and fully compatable with Asterisk modules?

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> Correct, I didn't mention this, since I was assuming OP was talking 
> about getting it into production.  Should have been more clear.

Sorry I should clarify. We were incubated for the testing period however now will be depolying for commercial use. That being said, we do feel the need to contribute, and staying legit at the same time. That being said, will purchasing 23 licenses (one for each channel that we use), and continue to use the open source g729 sorftware keep us legal? Or do we have to use the commercial software to keep our licenses valid? Sorry, i'm a type of idiot savant (probably more towards the idiot side), of need of some concrete answers so I can sleep at night :).


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