[asterisk-users] G729 Licensing Revisited - I'm Sorry!

Chris Bagnall asterisk at lists.minotaur.cc
Fri Feb 28 15:28:13 CST 2014

On 28/2/14 9:04 pm, Jayson Devor wrote:
> That being said, will purchasing 23 licenses (one for
> each channel that we use), and continue to use the open source g729
> sorftware keep us legal?

I know at least half a dozen people who do this so that they can more 
effectively balance their licence commitment over a number of services, 
rather than locking licences down to MAC addresses of specific NICs in 
specific servers. But I'm based in the EU where (as others have said) 
patentability laws are quite different.

If you're worried about whether it's legal in your jurisdiction, you 
really should speak to a qualified legal professional to allay your 
concerns. This list has such an international audience that what's 
perfectly acceptable in one jurisdiction might land you in hot water in 

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