[asterisk-users] Want Queues to ignore mobile operators voice mails and continue ringing...?

Chris Bagnall asterisk at lists.minotaur.cc
Fri Feb 14 04:11:49 CST 2014

On 14/2/14 9:21 am, Gareth Blades wrote:
> I would suggest using the 'M' option on the Dial command to run a macro.
> The macro can just wait fir a key to be pressed and until it is pressed
> the Dial is still effectively ringing. So if it does go to voicemail
> then the call wont get put through. You need to make sure you have a
> suitable value set to abandon the agent call if its ringing too long.
> The callee may also find they are left multiple voicemail messages.

This is the approach we've used in the past: force the recipient to hit 
a button to accept the call, something which their mobile voicemail will 
never be able to do.

The alternative - and it only really applies if you have control of the 
mobiles in question - is to disable the mobile network's voicemail 
service entirely, and manage diverts from the handset. That way you can 
then recreate your own 'mobile voicemail' service on your asterisk 
platform with all the normal asterisk VM benefits such as email 
delivery, etc.

You can then of course detect when those mobiles 'divert' to voicemail 
(since it's now on your system), and kick them out of the queue at that 

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