[asterisk-users] R: chan_sip and 2 devices under same extension - transferring call endpoint(s)

Lukasz Sokol el.es.cr at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 11:19:20 CST 2014

Hi Davide,

thanks for your answer,

On 29/12/14 16:12, Davide Anzaldi [ Net&Com ] wrote:
> I have the very same situation in one of my networks. 
> To solve this you can dial out from the softphone and to move call to the
> phone you can simply transfer call to the same user (just if you were
> transferring call to yourself and the other device will ring.
> While, as you notice, you cannot dial a device, you can surely call your
> user to tranfer from a device to another.

The call will need to be *established* though, i.e. the destination needs to answer ?
But I don't know *when* can i transfer the call... because I've no audio on softphone
(it's on a desktop workstation PC with no speakers...)

If there was some automatic code, meaning to Asterisk 'wait until call is established then
process the rest of dial string' ... i could add e.g. blind transfer code after this.

> Please note that call waiting has to be enable on user settings otherwise it
> won't work.

Thanks, noted.

> This should work both on device/user with chan_sip and pjsip with multiple
> devices on same user.


> Davide


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