[asterisk-users] Dahdi > CAPI migration

Patrick Laimbock patrick at laimbock.com
Thu Aug 7 05:55:19 CDT 2014

Hi Toney,

Comments inline.

On 07-08-14 12:10, Toney Mareo wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I looking to migrate a pbx from one server to another. The original server has this ISDN card:
> 00:00.0 ISDN controller: Cologne Chip Designs GmbH ISDN network Controller [HFC-4S] (rev 01)
> The new server:
> 00:00.0 I2O: Digital Equipment Corporation StrongARM DC21285 (rev 04) << AVM ISDN Controller C4
> Now I'm not fully aware of both's cards functions since the manuals are very brief. What I heard is that the later card does not support some NT commands what I might going to need at this migration. I can't really say if one card is "better" than the other one.
> Unfortunately the two uses completely different drivers. The first card uses dahdi, the second uses capi. I want this migration go as smooth as possible with the least downtime so I looking for some help
> maybe someone has more experience with these cards.

In the past I have used Eicon Diva Server cards with chan_capi for years 
and they worked great. I

> I also read something about CAPI uses completely different dial plans.
> So all the Asterisk configurations are migrated from the old server to the new one.

That is correct although the differences/changes you need to make are 
limited. Adjusting the Dial command will go a long way.

> By following this guide:
> http://www.asteriskguru.com/tutorials/avm_c4.html
> I have the C4 modul loaded. My asterisk box is Asterisk (Trixbox).

That Asterisk version is rather old and assuming that's the old Trixbox 
CE it is without security updates since 2012. I recommend you use a 
fresh install of something like CentOS 6.5 + all updates and Asterisk 
11.11.0 (or later if available) with the latest dahdi-linux, dahdi-tools 
and libpri releases. Also get the latest chan_capi from here: 
ftp://ftp.chan-capi.org/chan-capi/ The version with -HEAD in the name 
has the latest fixes and is the one I always used.

> How can I see that this C4 card is really working from asterisk?

Once you have the AVM C4 kernel module loaded and Asterisk with 
chan_capi is installed and capi is enabled in the Asterisk config, start 
Asterisk and then you should have a 'capi' command in the CLI. Executing 
it should show you info about the status of your ISDN channels.

> What is the difference between the chan_dahdi.conf and chan_capi.conf?

One is for DAHDI supported cards and the other is for CAPI cards like 
the Eicon Diva Server and the AVM C4.

> Can't I just tell it somewhere to use the new card and I don't have to touch the existing dialplans etc?



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