[asterisk-users] Unregistered ports on SPAxxxx

Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Tue Aug 5 11:01:01 CDT 2014

> I've got a few devices, SPA112's and SPA8000's, that are giving me 
> Each device has a separate SIP credential for each port, but 
> sometimes, only a 
> few of the ports register. 
> So, the device will be running fine for a while, then suddenly one or 
more of 
> the ports will become Unreachable.  These ports will stay unreachable 
> the device is power cycled.
> I'm presuming that there was a momentary interruption in connectivity 
> caused the registrations to fail/timeout.  But the ports should have 
> Reachable by the time the registration period elapses.  But they don't.
> Any ideas?

Interesting you should mention this. I have an SPA-112 that is giving me 
fits right now. Multiple times per week it goes down and has to be power 
cycled. When it is down, it is not registered with Asterisk, I cannot 
reach its configuration web page, but I can ping it. Mine is running 1.2.1 
(004) on the firmware, but I see that 1.3.3 (015) is out. That was going 
to be my next change to see if it helps. 
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