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Josh Metzger joshdmetzger at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 09:00:59 CDT 2014

I would modify the suggestions slightly and either add to it, or replace
the reference to voip-info with a link to https://wiki.asterisk.org

I was just thinking yesterday that voip-info seems out of date for many
things I search for, but at this point I'm usually looking up things that
are probably not used as frequently, so maybe the more "regular" stuff is
more up-to-date on voip-info.  In any case, the Asterisk Wiki seems quite
up-to-date and useful.  Also, you can quickly get some good info by doing
"core show application <app>" or "core show function <func>" from the
Asterisk console, like "core show application dial" gives you all the
possible arguments for "Dial", including some useful notes.  Quite handy.


On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 9:22 AM, Kevin Larsen <
kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com> wrote:

> > Thank you guys – your advice was spot on.  I will now reach out
> > earlier and not struggle with issues like this for 2 weeks J
> You sound like you are just getting started with Asterisk. A couple pieces
> of advice that helped me when I was starting out:
> 1. Get a copy of Asterisk: The Definitive Guide. Work through the examples
> and understand the concepts it teaches. I still use it all the time.
> 2. When you run into problems, http://voip-info.org is a great Asterisk
> resource. It isn't always perfectly up to date, but is very useful.
> 3. Search on the error messages you are given by Asterisk. It is common
> enough that many (but not all) of the error messages will have hits that
> explain your problem in greater detail.
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