[asterisk-users] FW: clients unable to auth

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Fri Apr 18 08:53:30 CDT 2014

Josh Metzger wrote:
> I would modify the suggestions slightly and either add to it, or replace
> the reference to voip-info with a link to https://wiki.asterisk.org
> I was just thinking yesterday that voip-info seems out of date for many
> things I search for, but at this point I'm usually looking up things
> that are probably not used as frequently, so maybe the more "regular"
> stuff is more up-to-date on voip-info.  In any case, the Asterisk Wiki
> seems quite up-to-date and useful.  Also, you can quickly get some good
> info by doing "core show application <app>" or "core show function
> <func>" from the Asterisk console, like "core show application dial"
> gives you all the possible arguments for "Dial", including some useful
> notes.  Quite handy.

To provide some clarification of why it is up to date:

The documentation for many things (applications, dialplan functions, 
some configuration files, manager events, etc) exists as XML within the 
Asterisk source code itself near the implementation. There are scripts 
which take this XML and produce some of the wiki pages you see. We've 
also made it so that documentation for some things has to be specified 
when adding stuff or else Asterisk will not allow it to work. This makes 
documentation as close to a first class citizen as it can be (albeit 
that doesn't mean one can't write bad documentation).


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