[asterisk-users] Asterisk 1.8, Siemens C610IP with 3 handsets: all are ringing on incoming calls

Chris Bagnall asterisk at lists.minotaur.cc
Mon Feb 18 11:54:56 CST 2013

On 18/2/13 5:39 pm, Administrator TOOTAI wrote:
> on incoming call we have exten =>
> 100,n,Dial(SIP/Handset_102&SIP/Handset_103&SIP/Handset_104,,)
> and always only Handset_102 is ringing, we receive "busy" back from the
> 2 others but they are not. Any clue?

It depends which base station you're using - some of the earlier ones 
only supported one or two simultaneous SIP calls (remember dialling 
counts as a call, even if it's not answered).

I seem to recall the N300IP (the one we use) supports 3 concurrent SIP 

The easiest workaround is probably to create a fourth SIP account called 
'102_103_104' or something that's set to ring all 3 handsets on the 
Gigaset web interface. You can then Dial(SIP/Handset_102_103_104) 
<substitute the SIP account you created above> from Asterisk instead.

A cautionary note with Gigasets in general: they claim each base station 
will support up to 7 handsets. In my experience, things start to get a 
bit "flaky" above 3 or 4 handsets (specific handsets not ringing 
periodically, etc.), so I suspect the base station might be CPU limited 
at some point, especially if you're asking it to use an expensive 
(computationally) codec like G.729.

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