[asterisk-users] Asterisk 1.8, Siemens C610IP with 3 handsets: all are ringing on incoming calls

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Mon Feb 18 11:39:33 CST 2013

Le 17/02/2013 18:27, Chris Bagnall a écrit :
> On 17/2/13 5:02 pm, Administrator TOOTAI wrote:
>> customer102/Handset_102 xxx.yyy.zzz.153                          D
>> N             5062     OK (80 ms)
>> customer103/Handset_103 xxx.yyy.zzz.153                          D
>> N             5062     OK (70 ms)
>> customer104/Handset_104      xxx.yyy.zzz.153 D   N             5062
>> OK (66 ms)
> That's perfectly normal with these phones, and shouldn't pose a problem.
>> As you see, all handsets are identified with the same port, which means
>> that on incoming call to one handset or when transfering a call with the
>> asterisk transfer feature, all 3 handsets are ringing :-(
> You can specify which SIP account correlates to each handset in the 
> Gigaset web interface.
> Go to Settings -> Telephony -> Number Assignment
> You want Handset 1 to use Connection 'Handset_102' for outgoing calls 
> and for incoming calls (untick everything else except this for 
> incoming calls).
> Likewise Handset 2 should use Connection 'Handset_103' for outgoing 
> and incoming (again, untick everything but this option).

Chris, one problem stays, you perhaps already face it:

on incoming call we have exten => 

and always only Handset_102 is ringing, we receive "busy" back from the 
2 others but they are not. Any clue?


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