[asterisk-users] FW: How configure asterisk server extension.conf.

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Wed Feb 6 23:20:41 CST 2013

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Subject: How configure asterisk server extension.conf.
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 15:41:33 +0530

I have to create scenario like following,
I have 2 sip soft phone.I configured Asterisk server on local network, on Linux.With two soft-phone , local asterisk sever,  i able to communicate.Now i have communicate with other network SIP client.For that i have opened account at @sip2sip.info, they provided me credentials.Then i registered  one SIP phone to local Asterisk sever and another to Sip2sip.info , Can i able to communicate with this scenario ?  How i should configure extention.conf in local asterisk sever to communicate with soft-phone which registered at Sip2sip.info  ??Or if you have any other idea to crate such scenario please let me know ??Please also recommend me any good "SIP Developer" group ??  

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