[asterisk-users] Set(CALLERID(num-pres)=prohib) / AGI version

Thorsten Göllner tg at ovm-group.com
Wed Feb 6 09:06:25 CST 2013

Am 06.02.2013 16:02, schrieb Steve Edwards:
> On Wed, 6 Feb 2013, Thorsten Göllner wrote:
>> I tried to implement it into my AGI-Script, but with no success. Can 
>> please anyone give me a hint, what is wrong with it:
>> Set CALLERID(num-pres) prohib
>> or
>> Set CALLERID(num-pres)=prohib
>> Both commands lead into:
>> 510 Invalid or unknown command
> I'm just a 1.2 Luddite, but...
> Who's library/framework are you using?
> Neither of the commands you show above are valid AGI commands.
> Curiously, I've never tried to set caller ID (or its options) in an 
> AGI, I've only set channel variables that ended up setting CID in the 
> dialplan.
> If you were reading the variables, the command would look like:
>     'get full variable "${CALLERID(num-pres)}"'
> Maybe you could try something like:
>     'set variable "CALLERID(num-pres)" "prohib"'
> (I don't see a 'set full variable' AGI command.)
> How about a console log with verbose and debug cranked up and with AGI 
> debug enabled? 

Thanks. But I found the right syntax now:
Exec Set CALLERID(num-pres)=prohib

This AGI-Command leads into "200 OK" and I can verify, that outgoing 
calls (SIP and DAHDI) are anonymous.


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