[asterisk-users] Google Voice with Asterisk 11/chan_motif

Josue Freitas josue at mobileware.com.br
Tue Feb 5 12:17:39 CST 2013

Dear Mr. Colp and/or anyone who can help,


Recently I’ve upgraded to Asterisk 11 and setup chan_motif for Google Voice.
Outbound calls are working good but I don’t have any inbound traffic through


I did all I could find on Google but nothing solved. GV settings seems to be
right (Google Chat is enabled with no voicemail access).


I always receive calls when on Gmail but when I close the browser no
activity happens on Asterisk (xmpp set debug on).


BTW, I have no traffic at all on XMPP port (5222). Is that really needed to
have GV working with Asterisk/chan_motif?


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,


Josué Freitas



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