[asterisk-users] Google Voice with Asterisk 11/chan_motif

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Feb 5 15:09:40 CST 2013

Josue Freitas wrote:
> Dear Mr. Colp and/or anyone who can help,
> Recently I’ve upgraded to Asterisk 11 and setup chan_motif for Google
> Voice. Outbound calls are working good but I don’t have any inbound
> traffic through GV.
> I did all I could find on Google but nothing solved. GV settings seems
> to be right (Google Chat is enabled with no voicemail access).
> I always receive calls when on Gmail but when I close the browser no
> activity happens on Asterisk (xmpp set debug on).
> BTW, I have no traffic at all on XMPP port (5222). Is that really needed
> to have GV working with Asterisk/chan_motif?

Google is responsible for sending the call to you. If you get nothing on 
your screen after executing "xmpp set debug on" and placing a call to 
your Google Voice number then Google is not sending the call to you. You 
can try restarting Asterisk to see if that makes it work. There's 
nothing that can be done to force them to.

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