[asterisk-users] voicemail customization

Steve Edwards asterisk.org at sedwards.com
Wed Feb 6 00:28:58 CST 2013

On Tue, 5 Feb 2013, Darin Iv wrote:

> Is there any solution, I want to know at first sight from which division 
> the voicemail came from like for example I need 3 more users to send 
> when some one calls an inbound route named darin when it reaches darin 
> voicemail then admin should send from darin at yahoo.com

I'm not sure what you want...

I'm guessing you want to send voicemail as email and set the 'from' 
address based on the inbound route.

In voicemail.conf, you can set the program used to send email. This could 
be a 'wrapper' for looking up the 'from' address and constructing a 
command line to execute either sendmail or sendEmail.pl or whatever.

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