[asterisk-users] Convert Asterisk Appliance (AA50) to "Open" Asterisk?

Lincoln King-Cliby lincoln at controlworks.com
Sat Dec 28 12:37:56 CST 2013

Hi All, 

Thanks for all of the help I've been given in the past and info I've picked up from this list over the years. 

I have an "official" Asterisk appliance (the AA50) running my PBX at home (we previously also had an AA50 in a satellite office-that one was recently retired and replaced with Asterisk running on commodity server hardware). 

Anyway - the AA50 software/Asterisk version is beyond outdated at this point, and the GUI has done nothing but infuriate me. Has anyone - or does anyone know if it's possible to - replace the "commercial" Linux/Asterisk running on the AA50 with another Linux flavor (say Ubuntu) and current open source Asterisk (ideally 11.something with Gareth's Cisco patch).

I don't need - or want - a pretty GUI... just something I can SSH into and perhaps manhandle config files with Nano or something similar - worst case, something I can FTP/TFTP configuration files to. 

If that isn't feasible, anything low power/low profile/low cost that's particularly popular these days [bonus points if it's wall mountable/about the same size as the AA50]? My demands really aren't that severe -- one FXO, two FXS, a SIP "trunk" to the office (via hardware VPN), and maybe a half dozen Cisco 79xx phones. 

If it's not already apparent, I'm a relative Linux newb, but I'm farly well versed in patching and building Asterisk from source and generally getting things done once I have the pointers.

Thanks in advance -- and happy new year!

Lincoln King-Cliby, CTS, DMC-D
Commercial Market Director
Sr. Systems Architect | Crestron Certified Master Programmer (Silver) ControlWorks Consulting, LLC Crestron Services Provider http://www.controlworks.com

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