[asterisk-users] Asterisk AMI - PHP or Node.js?

James Sharp james at fivecats.org
Sat Dec 28 07:52:17 CST 2013

On 12/28/2013 7:04 AM, Shahid H wrote:
> Thanks Daniel, that was useful, I will check those links :)
> I am pretty good with PHP and jQuery. So I guess learning Node.js
> shouldn't be too difficult.
> If I decided to use Node.js - what is the best way to communicate with a
> browser to AMI process? Send a XML or HTTP command from a browser to AMI
> process .. or whatever I execute on the browser - it save the commands
> to the database.. a process will listen the commands from a database.
> Other options are http requests and do the ipc... or maybe WebSocket?

My code will probably end up on Thedailywtf.com for it, but I have a 
PHP-based system that uses PAMI to talk to the AMI interface.  There's a 
daemon process that listens for commands via a FIFO buffer.  Several 
other processes & web scripts just send commands to the controller 
process via that FIFO.

Seems to work well for me.

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