[asterisk-users] Who causes the congestion or can I mix?

jg webaccounts at jgoettgens.de
Tue Dec 17 14:53:37 CST 2013

> Look at the HANGUPCAUSE function.
I forgot about that one. Too many variables to remember.

> A congestion cause does not necessarily mean that the congestion is in the link between you 
> and the network.  It could be from any link between you and the destination.
Exactly, and I need to filter out some of these causes. The congestion may also be signaled by 
the called party, or even the telco may have a problem (but not where I live, I swear).

> This kind of grouping does work for the initial channel selection.  However, glare from an 
> incoming call wanting the same channel could still get you a congestion status even though 
> another span has channels available.  Be aware that chan_dahdi sorts the group by channel 
> number so the g2 channel search will always start with the lowest channel number.
I always use something like r2. This allows me to easier detect problems with the "network 
termination unit" (NTBA), but this is off-topic. If I understand you correctly, there can be 
rare cases where I could end up with a CONGESTION state due to things needing a finite time for 
several states, but in reality there could still be free channels on either the same span or on 
a different one. Then the RetryDial() application would make sense to me for the first time. 
Essentially, there could be something like a deadlock situation which could cause a call to fail 

So, putting everything available for calling outwards into a single group and using RetryDial() 
might be a practical approach. The setup I am looking at has about 800 calls during business 
hours for 4 P2P + 2 P2MP channels.


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