[asterisk-users] [OT] Does Energy Savings mode exist with BRI/PtP ?

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Wed Dec 11 17:28:04 CST 2013

> Anyway, refering to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_Services_Digital_Network / Basic 
> rate Interface paragraph, my setup includes :
> - a single network termination unit, installed and managed by telco, is connected to public 
> network through 2 twisted pairs,
> - this unit includes two small electronic cards,
> - each card has two RJ45 sockets,
> - each card is connected through a single Cat5 straight, 1m long patch cord to a single BRI 
> port from my Patton box,
> - both Patton's BRI ports are managed as a "hunt group" (for outbound calls),
> - for inbound, I didn't checked but usually, Telco sends one call on one interface, the next 
> one and the next interface.
> So to summarize, (I think):
> - I'm getting ISDN signal from two distinct copper pairs,
> - it is not an S0-bus.
"Termination Unit" probably means you get the T reference point and behind the unit you do have 
the S reference point with a 4 wire signal, which would be a standard setup.
>     Are you sure that your are not dealing with termination issues?
>     Try sending a T.30 fax with fine resolution and ecm enabled when your connection is up. If
>     it takes too long or fails, this is something to look at.
> Can you elaborate a bit ?
Maybe it is easier if you could  mention your country and your telco. I would guess you are 
either in France or Belgium, but I could be wrong. Then we could simply lookup what is relevant 
for you.
> I'm using an old Asterisk 1.6.1 version there so I can't rely on T.38/T.30 gateway feature at 
> the moment.
I said T.30 and not T.38 and the complete explanation would be rather technical. In essence a 
T.30 fax with ecm enabled does not react nicely to certain signaling errors and pertubations and 
this is easy to detect. Most of the time I can guess what the problem is when I see the type of 
error. Don't ask me how I learned this. Once you know what to look for, Asterisk 1.whatever is 
very reliable as far as facsimiles go.

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