[asterisk-users] link to MySQL connection

Don Kelly dk at donkelly.biz
Tue Dec 3 09:08:37 CST 2013

Then you should analyze why it takes 5s. Opening and closing a mysql
connection should take at most a fraction of a second on a local net.

BTW, classical web sites (plain PHP and HTML) do not maintain state, so
keeping the mysql connection open may not be at all possible. I forgot
whether open db connections get closed automatically after the web page has
been rendered, but I think so. You could test this.

For data processing you do not want to got through Asterisk. You could
actually write your own db proxy, but I still think it makes more sense to
find out why opening the db connection takes so much time.


I'll look into why the connection takes so long.

I'm looking for a quick fix for the problem :)

Long term, I think a web service would be better for what this routine is
doing. It doesn't do any telephony stuff and only requires one variable from
the dialplan.


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