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Steve Edwards asterisk.org at sedwards.com
Tue Dec 3 11:50:15 CST 2013

On Tue, 3 Dec 2013, Don Kelly wrote:

> Opening a connection in the php routines takes about 5 seconds, which is 
> unacceptable.

One of my AGIs (written in C) reads 3 arguments from the command line, 
gets 4 channel variables, reads a row from the database, and sets 3 
channel variables.

On an AMD Athlon BE-2300 (a pretty low end processor), CentOS 4.9, 
Asterisk 1.2.37, MySQL 5.0.95 running on a separate host; 1,000 executions 
of this AGI takes about 16 seconds or about 0.016 seconds for a single 
execution. (60 per second.)

On a VirtualBox VM (2 cores) on an Intel i7-3770, CentOS 5.9, Asterisk 
1.2.40, MySQL 5.0.95 running on the same VM, 25,000 executions takes about 
40 seconds or about 0.0016 seconds for a single execution. (625 per 

Why does your AGI take 5 seconds?

Thanks in advance,
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