[asterisk-users] looking for a way to do appointment reminders

Ron Wheeler rwheeler at artifact-software.com
Fri Apr 26 08:08:13 CDT 2013

Good comment.
Another feature suggestion
You might to ask the person to press 1 to confirm or 2 to leave a 
message if the appointment is not going to be kept or 0 to reach the 
receptionist to reschedule the appointment.


On 26/04/2013 7:06 AM, Chris Bagnall wrote:
> On 26/4/13 10:38 am, jg wrote:
>> they are currently calling patients. I think these calls apply only to a
>> certain fraction of the patients, who are difficult to contact by other
>> methods.
> I suspect there will be different requirements depending on how 
> 'helpful' to patients you wish to be. At the very simplest end of the 
> scale, you could simply call the patient's number and remind them of 
> their appointment on <dd hhmm>, then disconnect.
> However, the OP probably wants something a little more sophisticated 
> than that. At the very least, you would want some method of handling 
> shared numbers (e.g. a shared dwelling with a single phone), so you 
> didn't inadvertently advertise a patient's appointment to someone else 
> who answered the phone. So you would at the very minimum want a simple 
> IVR that says "We are trying to reach Mr. Joe Bloggs. If this is he, 
> press 1 now, otherwise please hang up."
> Going beyond that, you might want your reception staff, when booking 
> appointments, to ask the patient when they would like their reminder 
> call - the day before, an hour before, etc. etc. (and if the day 
> before, would they prefer it in the morning, afternoon, or evening).
> As others have said, the OP might be best advised to request (paid) 
> assistance with the project on the [asterisk-biz] list.
> Kind regards,
> Chris

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