[asterisk-users] looking for a way to do appointment reminders

Chris Bagnall asterisk at lists.minotaur.cc
Fri Apr 26 06:06:11 CDT 2013

On 26/4/13 10:38 am, jg wrote:
> they are currently calling patients. I think these calls apply only to a
> certain fraction of the patients, who are difficult to contact by other
> methods.

I suspect there will be different requirements depending on how 
'helpful' to patients you wish to be. At the very simplest end of the 
scale, you could simply call the patient's number and remind them of 
their appointment on <dd hhmm>, then disconnect.

However, the OP probably wants something a little more sophisticated 
than that. At the very least, you would want some method of handling 
shared numbers (e.g. a shared dwelling with a single phone), so you 
didn't inadvertently advertise a patient's appointment to someone else 
who answered the phone. So you would at the very minimum want a simple 
IVR that says "We are trying to reach Mr. Joe Bloggs. If this is he, 
press 1 now, otherwise please hang up."

Going beyond that, you might want your reception staff, when booking 
appointments, to ask the patient when they would like their reminder 
call - the day before, an hour before, etc. etc. (and if the day before, 
would they prefer it in the morning, afternoon, or evening).

As others have said, the OP might be best advised to request (paid) 
assistance with the project on the [asterisk-biz] list.

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